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Getting to and from the residency

Demoni Danzanti is a short walk above the the
Sabine commune of Torri in Sabina. The nearest train stations are Gavignano Sabino or Poggio Mirteto, buses run from both stations to Torri

Sabina is a cycle destination because of its hills, unspoilt landscape and views views. Trekking off road is very popular. Car hire makes the Sabina incredibly enjoyable as there is so much to see and hill hopping is a great way to spend a day

There are many places of interest nearby but a few are -

the chapel, resaurant, Roman excavation and hilltop ruins at Vescovio

hiking Monte Cosce, climbing at Configni

the hermitage, Pago and ruin of Horace’s villa at Vacone

the castle at Rocchettine

the borgo, river and waterfall at Rocchette

the town and view from Casperia

Cantalupo with the Palazzo of Vincenzo Camuccini and the ruins of Cicero’s family home

woodland hiking, climbing, hermitage and views at Roccantica

aperitivo at Poggio Catino where there is an iconic Lombard tower and an unbeatable sunset view by the bar

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